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BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping is, parachuting from buildings antennas, spans (Bridges) and Earth objects, instead of out of airplanes.

Perrine Bridge Jumps over the SNAKE RIVER, IDAHO

Licensed, Boned and Insured Outfitters and Guides
Authorized Concessionaire of Twin Falls County & Centennial Park
Whitewater Outfitters and Snake River Professional since 1974

How our service works.

You call our Toll Free number and arrange your pickup date and times.
We are on the river every day in season from approx. 7am to 7pm
Jump costs pickup is on a per jump basis or punch card or season pass

Jump pickup costs is $7.00 per jump/er and includes transportation back to the top of the Bridge via passenger van.

10-jump punch card can be pre purchased for $65.00, and includes transport back to Bridge. (Non-exchangeable)

Unlimited season pass is good for 1 person for unlimited jumps and transportation to rim please contact our office.

We run two to three 25ft-30ft Decked and rigged pontoon boats. These craft can carry from 12-20 clients and at least 1 boat is at the Park on a daily basis. These boats are Coast Guard approved and carry all the emergency and first aid equipment to handle most circumstances. All pilots are Licensed and Bonded Guides with the State of Idaho, all carry current first aid cards and cell and or radio communications equipment at all times.

For reservations and or additional information please call Olin & Shelley Gardner @ jumpthesnake.com Also offering whitewater rafting, canoeing and kayak lessons and trips. Dutch Oven BBQs and Outdoor cooking. From Mild to Wild on over 400 miles of the Snake and Salmon Rivers

 Jump The Snake.com
 Idaho Guide Service Inc.
 Olin & Shelley Gardner
 563 Trotter Drive
 Twin Falls, ID 83301
 Toll Free-1888-73IDAHO

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